We are passionate about organizations in which web presence plays an important business role. Does your site perform as well as it should? Does it bring you leads and sales? Does it save your employees time and your company money? Does your organization need a comprehensive digital strategy plan? Are you a start up that needs to test the market?

We offer web presence audits and deliver actionable strategy and recommendations documents. Our auditing is not focused on just your website, but on all aspects of your business internet presence. We look at your business as a whole and advise on how to make digital an integral and effective part of your marketing and sales channels. And how to develop new ones.

In addition, we offer retainer based and hourly priced consulting for executives and entrepreneurs who need discuss their ideas or who want to quickly learn about digital marketing opportunities and risks related to their particular business.


We love best practices. We produce readable, findable, and highly performing web presences. On most projects, we suggest and use Open Source platforms to minimize costs and make our clients feel secure about their future growth.

Our development process starts with getting to know your organization and business goals. Together, we then plan the content and functionality of your site and other content delivery channels as needed. Our programmers and designers start the work with the content management system. You receive updates on the progress, review the site, offer your comments and suggestions. Then, after a thorough testing, we launch the site.

We like to build longterm relations with our clients. That is why we offer ongoing hosting, monitoring, updating and maintenance plans for your web properties. And since we use non-proprietary, Open Source platforms, you may work with other vendors as needs arise.


We care about your business and make sure your brand is visible and trusted. We ask questions and suggest effective solutions: Does your site need a bigger audience? Do you want to be perceived as an expert in your field? Would your business profit from a wider social and traditional media reach? Do you know how your customers found your site? Do you know what they do and how to improve their experience and your sales?

If you are a local business, how well does your site perform in search results? If you have published an e-book, is it available on Kindle for the Amazon audience? Can it be found in the iTunes store? How does the content you produce help your B2B sales?

We can help with all aspects of your internet marketing and lead generation, including content (creation, publishing and promotion), social (strategy, training and ongoing monitoring), search marketing (with influencers outreach), paid advertising (PPC) and direct marketing options. We also offer custom publishing solutions, including print, and deliver sales through affiliate marketing programs.


We believe in empowering the people who work at your organization. Often, they are the most qualified to take care of the majority of your content and marketing needs, especially when it comes to social marketing and sharing their expertise. Just one example: They have already written hundreds of emails with answers to your clients’ questions, why not repurpose this content in the form of blog posts?

We offer customized training sessions for our consulting, development and marketing clients. If you have hired us to do consulting work, we can also train your executives and managers and how to implement our suggestions. If we are building a site for your business, we will train your employees on how to use the content management system to make changes and publish new content. If we are helping you with marketing activities, we will make sure your sales, marketing and customer support people are familiar with the right tools, while engaged in and benefitting from the process.

If you are not our client, but in need of training related to what we do, please, send us an email and we will let you know if we can be of help.