CAPAX MEDIA is a project management, marketing and development consultancy in the digital and print space. We work with businesses and other organizations who use online  presence and print materials to strengthen their marketing and sales results. We consult on a wide range of marketing and custom publishing initiatives, technologies and tools. We help companies monetize their content and use content to promote their brand, mission, products and services. We especially like to work with small local businesses, who need strong local search presence, new brands,  food companies, hospitality and entertainment venues, traditional and new media organizations, local and national publishers, B2B and niche magazines, associations and chambers of commerce. We are small on purpose and we don’t have any sales people. You are probably reading this because you have met one of us. All our projects are managed by Jack, who also does most of our consulting and auditing work.  We also work with a number of freelance programmers, designers, marketers, writers, editors and other experts depending on particular project requirements. We have built many strong relationships over the years and enjoy learning new things with old friends. Now, tell us about yourself!